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Ken Tribolini: Bio

Hello to All, Welcome to Whispering Hills Music! Just a few lines about myself and my life. I was born, raised, and currently live in Wisconsin on a secluded 40 acre parcel named Whispering Hills. The name was inspired by an elderly lady who I called my god mother. She would come out to this land and go for walks among the hills and woods and upon returning would often remark, "God whispers to me in these hills." She encouraged me to play and create music and her happy, live in the moment attitude inspired me greatly. The last time together was very memorable because she insisted we go get some ice cream and I remember us sitting there laughing and enjoying ice cream. I then went back to my job and a half hour later I was called and told that she had just passed away. When creating the voices on the CD "Worlds Within" I often felt her presence.
I follow and dedicate myself to the teachings and meditation techniques given by the great master Paramahansa Yogananda. When composing or creating music, it is often after meditation when I am coming from a place of peace and joy. I am also inspired by the beauty of sunsets, starry nights, sunrises and walks among nature here at Whispering Hills. One of my goals in life is to promote music that helps us relax and feel peaceful. Music is such a powerful and wonderful tool that can be used to help us feel almost any mood or feeling we want it too, but the intent of my music is to inspire or help the listener feel peaceful and calm. Feel free to friendship request me on FB.
Peace, health and music be on your journey. Sincerely, The fool on the hill, ken