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CD "Worlds Within"

This 10 song CD is a concept CD symbolizing through music mans (and womans) arrival on the planet as a "Cosmic Warrior" with each song expressing feelings along your journey to the "Worlds Within" and finally ending with, "Goodbye Maya" a sanscript word for 'delusion'
The music on this CD promotes sleep and has been used by mothers to help their young children and babies fall asleep. It has also been used in massage centers and yoga centers because of the musics ability to take the listener to a place of peace and a centered calmness.
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CD "Lifetimes Ago"

On this CD I am joined by many live musician friends, Didgeridoo, flute, percussion, guitar, violin and synth add their flavor to this CD that expresses feelings that we are all connected and part of a big and beautiful picture, although at times appears to be very crazy!
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Dance Across Eternity - CD

My new cd "Dance Across Eternity" is now available!
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